Law Office JUDR. Jaroslav Čibenka, based in Púchov, has been operating since 2014. It provides legal and consultancy services to clients not only within Slovak, but also the Czech Republic. It is composed of a young and flexible team of lawyers, seeking to be as close as possible to clients. Mobility and flexibility as needed by our clients is our priority. The main goal of our law firm is to provide clients with comprehensive, fast and quality services and legal advice with the preservation of discretion and professionalism. The quality of our law firm also speaks to an extensive list of clients that are not only citizens ‘ names, but also a number of entrepreneurs and companies. As there are many foreign clients and companies in our list, we have a wealth of experience in cooperation with various experts (notaries, experts, executors…) outside the Slovak Republic. Thanks to several years of experience of the law firm JUDR. Jaroslav Čibenka We know all our clients to convey legal services, from simple legal acts such as sales and gift contracts, to representation in legal proceedings.

Electronic communications

Law Office JUDR. Jaroslav Čibenka s.r.o. Communicates with the authorities as well as public administrations through the Central Public Administration portal ( and, therefore, exclusively electronically, providing clients with a faster, more reliable and not least financially advantageous service. As an example, we can indicate the cathaster of real estate, where an electronic filing automatically reduces the court fee in half. is a portal that provides a wealth of information from specific departments, but its main task is to navigate to the use of electronic communications with public administration. Since this type of communication is much more effective than classical administration in documentary form, different changes are gradually being introduced. One of the cases in which electronic communication has become a necessity is enforcement proceedings. This reform was introduced by the amendment of the enforcement order, which introduced an obligation from 1 April 2017 to communicate exclusively electronically in the context of enforcement proceedings. This means that you must submit your application via the electronic form to the mailbox. You cannot forget the authorisation, in turn, by electronic signature. In the same way, the enforcement order, the other documents, the withdrawal of the application, the correction of errors…
While this change is new to the underwritten and electronic communications are only beginning to navigate, electronic communications are commonplace in our law firms.