• Civil contracts and claims arising therefrom (lease, contract of work, gift contract, consumer contracts, loan agreement, Tenentiary contract, contract of carriage, insurance contract, etc.),
  • Inheritance proceedings and claims arising therefrom;
  • Consultancy in matters of recovery of claims (contracts for the assignment of claims, debt-taking contracts, reinsurance transfer contracts, etc., claims for payment of claims),
  • The recovery of claims arising from civil relations,
  • Representation of clients in judicial and enforcement proceedings;
  • Dealing with both the contested and the undisputed agenda (representing clients before the courts).

Right relating to immovable property:

  • Complete advisory service in real estate transfer matters,
  • Contractual transfers of immovable property (sales, gift and overseas contracts),
  • Rent and sublease relationships linked to real estate,
  • The substantive burdens, the lien and the prepurchase right and the disputes relating thereto,
  • The issue of property investment as a non-monetary deposit in the capital of companies,
  • Proprietary relationships to immovable property (mutual ownership and settlement).

Authorisation of transfer contracts:

By authorizing a contract within the meaning of the law on advocacy we understand:

  • The contract for the transfer of the property,
  • Identification of the parties to this Agreement and their representatives,
  • The assessment of whether the contract does not oppose the law does not act, is not a matter of good morality and an assessment of whether the conclusion of the contract does not arise from the establishment of the damage.

Benefits of Authorisation:

  • The decision of the district office, the Cadal department on the deposit authorisation is already within 20 days from the date of receipt of the proposal to deposit,
  • The fees levied by the notary for verifying the signatures on the contract,
  • Cadal charges, reduced by 50% when submitting proposals for deposit electronically with the guaranteed electronic signature we dispose of.