We can set up your company more cheaply, faster and more professional than you would create it yourself. The founding of the company is complicated, professionally, administratively and, last but not least, a time-consuming process.

The trading company shall be based on:
(a) a social contract where the signatures of all the founders must be officially verified;
(b) The founding instrument, if permitted by law,
For an indefinite period or a certain amount. For a fixed period, the company is founded only if it is expressly stated in the establishment of the company. The company arises until the date of registration in the commercial register, which must be preceded by an application for registration. The application for registration shall always be made on the form published on the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, within 90 days of the company’s establishment/delivery of the instrument, which can be demonstrated by the authorisation, whether commercial or business.

It is necessary to attach the annexes as:

  • Social Contract/Founding list,
  • A letter of ownership or a rental contract to a property where the company is located,
  • Statement of the deposit manager,
  • Signature pattern of the managing director.

The time limit for lodging the filing is 2 days (of course, provided that the submission in question has been delivered complete and error-free).

Founding s.r.o.

Our service includes:

  • Expert advice on setting up s.r.o. (Selection of an appropriate form of business, business subjects, consultancy in all operations during the founding of S.R.O.,…),
  • Preparation of the complete documentation needed to establish s.r.o. (Founding list/social contract, consent of owner with establishment, proposals and applications for individual offices,…),
  • Communication with the business office,
  • Request of the approval of the tax administrator to the foundation s.r.o.,
  • Preparation and filing of the company’s registration in the commercial Register,
  • Payment of judicial and administrative charges,
  • Registration of the company in the Tax Office on Income tax (subsequent allocation of the VAT),
  • Send a statement from the business register and other documents to your company’s address.