Our law firm will advise you on what types of trades will be best for your business, how to start the trades, how to expand trades, or, as in future, to stay or cancel and switch to another form of business.

Our service includes:

  • Expert consultation on the selection and establishment of trades,
  • Preparation of all documents necessary for the issue of a commercial authorization (original name of the business certificate),
  • In the price of the service unlimited number of free trades (list of free trades),
  • Craft as well as tied trades for half a fee, i.e. Only for €7.50/one trades (list of craft trades, list of tied trades),
  • The elaboration and subsequent submission of a trade notification to the relevant trade office,
  • Registration at the Tax Office on income taxes,
  • Registration in the appropriate health insurance
  • The service of a certificate of Business authorization, together with a registration card with a tin mail to your address,
  • Surrender of complete documentation.