The claim for damages caused by the commencement and conduct of criminal prosecution, which has not ended with final conviction, is a specific case of State responsibility under Law No. 514/2003 Coll. . The case-law of the court has argued that the meaning of the law of the State's liability for damages is responsible for any material injury caused by improper or unlawful state interference against a citizen (a natural person) being committed. The systematic and logical extensive interpretation concludes that, in view of the particular circumstances and the reasons for the cessation of the prosecution or the exemption from the case, it is necessary to consider that the citizen has not committed the act and that the criminal prosecution Against it should not be initiated. The claim for damages caused by the commencement of prosecution is judged to be a claim for damages caused by an unlawful decision. The decisive measure of the Legality of the Initiation (management) of the prosecution is the later outcome of the criminal proceedings.