Law Office JUDR. Jaroslav Čibenka s.r.o. Also deals with the recovery of claims from borrowers within the entire territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
We have a particularly elaborate system of recovery of claims that have expired. This system focuses on effective security and subsequent enforcement of clients ' rights through out-of-court or judicial recovery of claims. Before you make the first legal act towards the recovery of a claim, it is essential that you objectively judge whether you actually have a claim that can be successfully recovered in a judicial proceeding. In this case, your subjective feeling is not enough to have a financial claim against another person because it does not guarantee that the claim actually exists, or That such a claim is enforceable by a judicial route. With the beneficial objective legal assessment of your claim, you can contact our law firm, who will give you a legal opinion on the matter after finding the facts and subsequent legal assessment of the case. Our law firm will require the submission of all documentary and other evidence proving your claim and also a detailed description of the facts of the case.

For example, documentary and other evidence is considered to be:

  • Sales contracts,
  • Contract of work and other contracts on the basis of which your claim was
  • Invoices, receipts and expenditure documents, cheques, bills of exchange and other documents,
  • Acceptance protocols, written communication between you and the borrower concerning the claim in question,
  • Photographic and electronic carriers of information that could have an impact on possible evidence;
  • Witnesses who are able to confirm the emergence, existence or termination of the claim.

Non-judicial recovery of claims
In the event that the team of our law firm gives you the opinion that your claim exists and is enforceable by the court, there is a possibility of a lawyer to try to resolve the case (so-called). Attempt at conciliation). The aim of our law firm is as fast as possible and the cheapest to ensure the performance of our clients ' rights. Throughout this process, the professional staff of our law firm remain in contact with you as well as with the borrower and the effective means of recovering the amount owed. In the case of non-judicial settlement, the client's claim cannot be settled or the limitation is threatened, the exercise of the right in court proceedings.

Judicial recovery of claims
Before bringing a case to court, the client is informed by our law firm in advance of the entire legal process of claiming the claim, as well as the possible advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Law Office JUDR. Jaroslav Čibenka ensures the client's right to the court from the beginning of the proceedings until the end of the trial. In the event that the debtor fails to fulfil his obligation even after the final award of the client's claim to the court, we will give the application for payment order. The great advantage is that the application for an order for payment is sent electronically through the district Court in Banská Bystrica, which is currently the only one competent for the Upomínacie procedure. This was done by adopting a new Dunning Act No. 307/2016 Coll. To increase the speed and effectiveness of the procedure. This means, in particular, the reduction of the court fee in half for our clients. If, after the entry into force and the enforceability of the order for payment, the debtor does not voluntarily pay the amount due, we will make a proposal for you to carry out the execution. We will also represent you in this execution procedure until your claims are satisfied.

In the provision of legal services, we ensure that enforcement of the law enforcement proceedings is as fast as possible. If you are interested we will be happy to provide you with more information on our services.