Law Office JUDR. Jaroslav Čibenka s.r.o. Also has a wealth of experience in the area of land law. We may also include real estate transfers among the most common operations. Despite the fact that the transfer of property, and hence the acquisition of ownership, acts as a simple process, it is not the case. This legal act is not only sufficient to draw up a sales contract. The acquisition of ownership rights in real estate is only a deposit of ownership in the land register. Our law firm provides not only consultation, but also complete preparation and drafting of all necessary documents to transfer your property, establishment/cancellation of substantive burdens, establishment/revocation of a lien to the property and many Other.
We can not only prepare documents, but also to submit directly to the competent district office, the Cadential field. The deposit proposals are served on the sewer electronically which means that the correct fee will be reduced only in half.