However, different changes may occur during the existence of your business, such as:

  • changing trade name
  • Change of location
  • Changing the manager
  • Change of prosecutor
  • Capital Reduction
  • Capital Increase
  • Changing the subject of the
  • Transfer of business Share

Our law firm will make any changes to the company with any legal form of business (S.R.O., A.S., H.P., V.O.S., cooperative, organizational branch, business unit). To write a change, communication is required with the relevant business registry to which the necessary documents must be submitted. Changes to the company will not be made to the court fee, which is again reduced in half by electronic filing.
The process of change in the company ends up by registering a change to the SR business register.

Our service includes:

  • Expert advice on the required changes,
  • Drawing up all documents
  • Payment of administrative and court fees,
  • Notification to the trade office,
  • The registration of a change to the business register,
  • Notification of the change to the tax authorities,
  • Delivery of a new statement from the Business register and other documentation to the address of your company.