If your company is extended, then its liabilities exceed its assets or is insolvent, which means that it has at least two claims of the various creditors 30 days after the due date and is not able to meet them or if it is in decline, its only way Cancellation is just an audition.

If your company is in extension, you are required to apply to the court a petition for bankruptcy, within 30 days of when you learned or could find out about its extension.

The court declares the bankruptcy and establishes the insolvency administrator on the basis of your application. All acts of bankruptcy and subsequent cancellation and termination of the company are then in the hands of the bankruptcy administrator and the court.

However, if your company has no assets or its assets are so small that it would not be sufficient to pay the costs of the insolvency administrator, the court will cease the insolvency proceedings. Consequently, the company shall be removed from the commercial register without the application. This process of cancelling your extended company, which does not have any property, can therefore be quite fast.

As a condition for the opening of insolvency proceedings, payment of the advance to the remuneration and expenses of the Administrator, amounting to EUR 1659.70. If the company does not have such property, the companion or manager must pay the fee from his own pocket. If the bankruptcy is denied for a lack of property, the fee will be refunded.

Our service includes:

  • Drawing up a proposal for a declaration of bankruptcy,
  • Consultancy in the field of bankruptcy.