Company's entry into liquidation

The process of liquidation is very difficult and lengthy. It takes place in several phases. It is necessary to ascertain the company's accounting status before entering into liquidation. The company may only enter into liquidation if it has no debts. The following is the minutes of the general meeting where the liquidation must be agreed. Where a company has only one partner, the Minutes shall replace the decision. A liquidator is appointed, which is a natural or legal person acting on behalf of the company only during liquidation. Entry into liquidation, as well as a specific liquidator, must be entered in the commercial register. It is also necessary to communicate this fact to the tax authorities, the social and health insurance company. With the cancellation of the company must give permission to the tax administrator. The process of winding up the company is completed by the cancellation of the commercial register, as we mentioned above, to this end a difficult route.

Our service includes:

  • Preparation of all documents necessary to cancel the company and registration of the company's entry into liquidation of the commercial Register,
  • Payment of the Court registration Fee (€66),
  • Submission of the application for registration in the commercial register.

During the period in which the company is in liquidation the tax licence is not valid (the liquidation period is not limited and can therefore take several years).

Another option is the complete liquidation of the company or cancellation of liquidation and you will continue the business.

Complete liquidation of the company

Our service includes:

  • Preparation of all documents necessary for the company's entry into liquidation and its entry in the commercial register, including the payment of the court fee (€66),
  • Communication of the company's entry into liquidation to all known creditors and publication in the commercial journal including payment of the levy (€20),
  • Preparation of final documents from the liquidation of the company required for approval by the General Meeting (final report of the liquidator, application for distribution of the liquidation balance, etc.),
  • Request all attestations necessary for erasure from the commercial register (tax administrator, social insurance company, etc.) and reimbursement of applicable charges,
  • Preparation of the documents and lodging of the application for revocation of the company from the commercial register.