Personality protection includes expressions of nature, it also provides a picture of behavior, relationships, communication, information about the normal functioning of the company. We may dispose of it on the basis of an election which is not required in the case of an official or intelligence Licence (Section 12 (2)). 1 and 2 of the Civil Code). In the case of a licence, account should be taken of the legitimate interests of the person concerned.

Modifying personality protection means is not the same as protecting your personal information. Personal data are the same as the protection of personality, an integral part of the individual, but are related to business and similar businesses. The regulatory task is to clarify the processing of personal data, to lay down rules on processing and to provide rights to data subjects.

Many of the rights of the data subject include the right to compensation for the damage suffered by property or non-material injury, which is seemingly interpersonal and personal data protection.

In both cases, this is the exercise of the right to compensation for damage to the injured natural person. The difference between these concepts is in the cause of the fault event.

In the case of personality protection, we are talking about an intervention in the personal realm of a natural person, thus the injury is related to the complaint of social application. The injury related to the incorrect processing of personal data is caused by an infringement of the GDPR regulations.

In the event of incorrect handling of personal data of the data subject, it is possible to recover from the injured party the financial compensation, i.e. property or non-material injury. Failure to comply with the provisions of the GDPR may not only lead to a high level on the part of the Data protection authority, but also to the action by the persons whose data are processed. In this case, it is necessary to mention a collective action which can be exercised when several data subjects are injured on the same material basis.